Wilhelmina & Nick

Our last wedding for 2012 was December 29th.  The Bride and Groom, Wilhelmina and Nick, celebrated their reception at the Breakers in Spring Lake.  After the hurricane there had been concern that there might be damage to the Breakers or that there might have to be changes made to Wilhemina and Nick’s original plans.  That wasn’t the case.  Everything was fine at the Breakers the day of the wedding.  It was a day filled with energy and excitement for Nick and Wilhelmina.  Right from the start of the day the bridesmaids and groomsmen were ready to have a good time.  After the ceremony everybody brought that state of mind back to the reception hall for a fun party.  It might have been contagious or maybe everybody came to party, ready to let loose, but either way it was a fantastic celebration!  I think Wilhelmina and Nick had a tough time topping that party on New Year’s Eve.  They went into the New Year with wonderful memories of very special day.

Bride's Choice Award

We are very proud to announce that we have won the Bride's Choice Award from Wedding Wire for the third year in a row!!!  Check out our reviews on Wedding Wire.

Stevie & Jeff

Here is a look at Stevie and Jeff’s wedding.  It was a wonderful day for them both.  They put a lot of planning into the day and it all came together for them.  After their ceremony we went to Deep Cut Gardens for some pictures with their really fun bridal party.  Then off to The Navesink Country Club for the reception.  We decided to do some photos near a very picturesque barn.  While we were picking our spot something happened that was a first for me.  As we were about to start we kicked a yellow jacket nest.  Fortunately we saw the cloud of insects just in time.  We got out of there fast!  We didn’t get away clean, Jeff got stung twice.  That didn’t even slow him down!!  He was determined to have the photos that he and Stevie wanted in front of the barn.  So we picked a different spot far away from the yellow jackets and took the photos.  Jeff never stopped smiling and because of that neither did Stevie.  They went on to have a rocking party!  They never stopped dancing and neither did their family and friends.  What a day!

Christine & Jarrett

Christine and Jarrett had a wonderful wedding day down at the Jersey shore. They had their ceremony on the beach at Sandy Hook and Reception at the Seagull's Nest celebrating the whole day with family and friends. They could not have asked for a better day.

Samantha & Jim

Samantha and Jim were married in Asbury Park outside of the Berkeley Hotel. After the Ceremony we took their photographs at some of the local venues like the Wonder Bar. Then we went back to the Berkeley Hotel for some more pictures and their party with their family and friends.


Gloria & Robert

Gloria and Robert did something a little different for their wedding. The ceremony took place in a field in front of a pond full of koi. Then we went to their barn to do some photographs. The wedding had a very "country" feel to it right down to the boots Gloria wore. Then they had a little change for the reception. Well, Gloria did anyway.

Lauren & Rupam

Lauren and Rupam had a fantastic wedding day. They had their ceremony and reception at the Channel Club in Monmouth Beach.