Jennifer + Anthony 10.2.10

Jennifer and Anthony were married in October and celebrated with a New Brunswick theme.  The reason for the New Brunswick theme is because they spent a lot of time there when they were dating; they know all the local hang outs and fun spots very well.  Anthony even “proposed” once to Jennifer there.  Their day included the Ceremony at Kirk Patrick’s Chapel and reception at the Heldrich hotel with a stop at Passion Puddle squeezed in there too.

Jennifer + Anthony from Studio Phoenix on Vimeo.

Erica +Erick

Erica and Erick were just married in August but their story starts way back when they were very young.  They met in nursery school.  Yes, that’s right, nursery school.  They were in the same class.  Their romance didn’t immediately take shape unless you consider boys thinking girls are “icky” is the beginning of romance.  Life doesn’t always take you on the direct road to where you want to go; sometimes it takes the back roads.  They were friends through the years and their paths would cross.   Eventually the time was right and their relationship became more than friends and then developed into the love they have for each other now.  Finally their wedding day in August became a reality, which Erica said she had wanted to happen since the day she met Erick.  On their wedding day we made a stop their nursery school where it all began and took some pictures.  They are just a little bit bigger now than they were back then.  Now you might say it was love at first sight, fate or even destiny but however you look at it Erica and Erick are happily married and have started a new chapter in their lives together.

Erica + Erick from Studio Phoenix on Vimeo.

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Kate + John





Kate and John were married on July 31st.  Kate wore a beautiful dress that she picked from her Mother’s shop, Cara Lynn’s Bridals.  Kate’s son, Colin, stood by her side throughout the day lending his support.  John was so excited to see his beautiful bride walk down the aisle that he couldn’t contain himself.  After the ceremony that took place at a church in Spotswood, we headed to Branches for the reception.  Everyone was ready to party and kicked it up a notch for an awesome evening being entertained by Bill Barbato of Weddingsetgo DJs.










Courtney + Bryan

Courtney and Bryan were married on June 10th.  They spent a lot of time planning their wedding and were anxious to share their special moments with friends and family.  We had photographed Courtney’s sister’s wedding a few years ago; it's always exciting when we are asked to photograph the wedding for a another member of the family.  Their friends and family helped them celebrate at the Primavera Regency and they had a great party.  Both families were so much fun and they made us feel like we were part of the family too! 

Courtney + Bryan from Studio Phoenix on Vimeo.

Liz + Noemi

Liz + Noemi from Studio Phoenix on Vimeo.

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Cute story from a past bride

We received a wonderful note from one of our brides that wanted to share a story with us.  This is just one of the many reasons we are happy that we can preserve moments of your day to look at over and over again.  Here is what she said:

I have to share this with you...Our daughter Rachael is into the whole princess thing. She says, “Mommy, will I get to be a princess someday?” and I said, “Of course you are one already.”  “No, no mommy a princess like you.” She takes me into the living room and shows me our wedding portrait on the wall. I said, “Oh, yes someday you will.”  She asked if there were more pictures of our wedding so I brought out the album.....Well! Oh my gosh mommy's beautiful! Daddy looks silly like that and these are the best pictures ever. She said I took great pictures and she wants to look at them every day.
I said well we had a great photographer take the pictures. Give credit where credit is due. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for sharing the story with us, Kathleen!

Erika + Mike

Erika and Mike were married April 24th at the Neshanic Valley Golf Club.