Stevie & Jeff

Here is a look at Stevie and Jeff’s wedding.  It was a wonderful day for them both.  They put a lot of planning into the day and it all came together for them.  After their ceremony we went to Deep Cut Gardens for some pictures with their really fun bridal party.  Then off to The Navesink Country Club for the reception.  We decided to do some photos near a very picturesque barn.  While we were picking our spot something happened that was a first for me.  As we were about to start we kicked a yellow jacket nest.  Fortunately we saw the cloud of insects just in time.  We got out of there fast!  We didn’t get away clean, Jeff got stung twice.  That didn’t even slow him down!!  He was determined to have the photos that he and Stevie wanted in front of the barn.  So we picked a different spot far away from the yellow jackets and took the photos.  Jeff never stopped smiling and because of that neither did Stevie.  They went on to have a rocking party!  They never stopped dancing and neither did their family and friends.  What a day!

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