Wilhelmina & Nick

Our last wedding for 2012 was December 29th.  The Bride and Groom, Wilhelmina and Nick, celebrated their reception at the Breakers in Spring Lake.  After the hurricane there had been concern that there might be damage to the Breakers or that there might have to be changes made to Wilhemina and Nick’s original plans.  That wasn’t the case.  Everything was fine at the Breakers the day of the wedding.  It was a day filled with energy and excitement for Nick and Wilhelmina.  Right from the start of the day the bridesmaids and groomsmen were ready to have a good time.  After the ceremony everybody brought that state of mind back to the reception hall for a fun party.  It might have been contagious or maybe everybody came to party, ready to let loose, but either way it was a fantastic celebration!  I think Wilhelmina and Nick had a tough time topping that party on New Year’s Eve.  They went into the New Year with wonderful memories of very special day.

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