Studio Phoenix Has Moved!

Hi Everyone,

I have some exciting news to announce!  Over the past few months I have mentioned to some of you that I have been planning to move my studio from the location in Freehold to my home.  I was planning on doing it in November when my lease expired but an opportunity presented itself and I was able to make the move sooner than expected.  It happened last week!

My new location is my home at 16 Oakwood Terrace, Monroe Township 08831.  It is only about 10 miles (20 minutes) from the Freehold location, closer if you are coming from the north.

Why did I move?  Over the past year or so I have found myself doing more and more work from home thanks to technology (portable drives, call forwarding).  I found that the only time I was going into the studio was for consultations and to meet for designs or the occasional photo session.  So I decided to move everything to one location.

I have a nice room (studio) set aside for you when you come to visit.  The only thing I do not have now is a shooting studio.  Unfortunately I had to give that up.  That does not mean I have stopped doing sessions.  It means that now I do location sessions.  I am working on a way to offer indoor/in studio sessions but have not ironed out the details yet.  I still offer all of the same services that I offered before and my quality, dedication and attention to detail have not changed.  Only two things have changed; the address and the phone number.  You can still reach me at the old phone number for now but eventually the new number will be the only one active.  Please take note of it: 732-561-2893.  Email addresses, website, Facebook and cell phone are all the same.

Once again the Phoenix has changed and risen again.  I am excited for you to see it!


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